Marriage Coaching


Marriage Coaching

We are committed to strengthening the health of individuals and marriages. Many of us expect that we should be able to deal with whatever comes up in life and marriage without the help of anyone else. Sometimes we can, but often it helps to have someone to talk with who cares and who can remain objective. 

In our marriage coaching sessions, we work with couples, showing them how to become better friends, learn to manage conflict, and create ways to support each other’s hopes for the future. Our approach combines the knowledge and wisdom of nearly 50 combined years of marriage, with proven research studies and clinical practice. 


Marriage Coaching is an effective preventative care (and maintenance) approach for married couples. Coaching is future-focused and goal-oriented. We work with a couple to identify their goals for the marriage relationship, consider their current situation, and identify what could be standing in the way of the goal.  We help couples develop a plan and journey with them for a period of time to address what’s standing in the way of marriage health, and move towards their goal. We typically start with a 6-session, three month, or 12-session, six month coaching engagement meeting twice a month, or more frequently, if desired.

We recommend that couples schedule a marriage wellness coaching session once a quarter as a way of checking progress towards goals and addressing issues that are hindering progress. These check-ups are typically a follow-up to one or more of the marriage services. They are goal-oriented with the intent of helping the couple to continue to move towards their relationship goals, or even to revise or refine their goals. These "well-checks" could take the form of a regularly scheduled Marriage Coaching session, such as once a quarter, or it may be a mini-series of Marriage Coaching sessions periodically for a defined short series of sessions.

Ideally, coaching is done in-person with the couple, but sometimes there is added value in coaching for the husband and wife individually, as well. In cases where meeting in-person is not feasible, online video can be used for the coaching sessions. The approach used will be discussed and mutually agreed upon. 

The outcomes of marriage coaching vary depending on the goals of each couple, but here are some that are common:

  • Alignment around relationship goals
  • A stronger relationship
  • Better communication
  • Reduced tension and conflict
  • Overcoming obstacles interfering with a healthy relationship
  • Greater relationship satisfaction and fulfillment

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